Well howdy (internet) neighbor!

We are Jelly and Eggs (or Jo and Eric) a husband and wife artistic team.  Welcome to our site!


As artists, we use this blog to keep ourselves motivated and on track with our projects despite life’s crazy demands.  Here is a little about us:

Jo facts:

  • Graduated from Alma College in 2009 with a BA in Art and Design
  • Teaches art grades K-5
  • Loves chocolate
  • Favorite projects involve making stuff for our little girl; Iris
  • Hates sticky floors

Eric facts:

  • Graduated from Alma College in 2008 with a BA in Art and Design
  • Is responsible for the day to day maintenance well being of our small child.
  • Is actually a Fisher Price Farmer Says toy in an elaborate man costume.
  • Loves stinky dog who licks everything.
  • Makes illustrations, cut paper designs and prints.

Our posts range in content from artistic adventures, DIY home improvement, keeping our kiddo happy, and art education.  Basically our work is a lot like jelly and eggs, a random combination that has some interesting results.

If you have any questions, check out our contact section!

Thanks for stopping by,

-Jo and Eric