Remember when you were little and  you heard talk of an snow storm that was supposed to hit your area hard?  Maybe you would get a snow day?  Maybe you could make a whole batch of no bake cookies and eat them before mom comes home?  Maaaaaybe you could hang out in your pajama’s all day catching up on the Price is Right (wassup Bob Barker).   Remember the good ol’ days?

I do.  In fact, those days still occur for me every year…. and that’s what happens when you are never smart enough to leave school.  Just kidding.  In case you don’t know, I am a teacher.  So when school is cancelled I don’t have to report to work.  There may be a slight chance that I get even more excited for a snow day now then I did when I was young.  Now that January is here, we teachers officially look forward to random days off here and there.  So let me tell you about our week thus far:

Monday January 9th:  

I head to school.  Whats this?  Some crazy storm is headed for us?  Quite honestly, it is the main topic of discussion amongst the adults in the building.  “3-5 inches of snow TONIGHT?  90% chance?  Hold on, let me check the snow day calculator.  It says we have am 87% chance of no school tomorrow!!!  1-3 on Tuesday?  THEN RAIN?  But surely we will have school right?”

Pro-tip.  I normally preach optimism unless you have your heart set on something…. then pessimism all the way.  In my experience- when I am so certain something will happen I am devastated when it doesn’t work out.  However, when I am pessimistic about the situation- then it is so much more exciting if I am wrong.  And hey, if I am right then I am always right…. RIGHT?

Tuesday January 10th, 5:30 A.M:

My phone rings.  HOT DOG WE GOT A SNOW DAY… or I have been fired (again I gotta shoot for that pessimism).  I answer it and almost fall out of bed but sure enough we got a snow day!  YES.

The day went by fast.  We spent it chasing lil’ Iris around.  Lately we have been trying to get her to answer questions.

“Iris, do you like to play?”


“Iris, do you like dada?”


“Iris do you like broccoli?”


The broccoli question shows that she has no idea what she is agreeing to.  So far she doesn’t know how to say no… but we are working on it.  Later that night at around 7, my phone rings and we ended up with Wednesday off as well.  Its like a second weekend!

Wednesday January 11th:

The day begins with us sleeping in, making breakfast, relaxing and playing with the baby.   Our questions for Iris continued.

“Iris, do you like your fox?  YA!  Iris, do you like Phoebe?  YA!”

Later that night at 10, you know just as I had fallen to sleep…. my phone rings again.  Surely I must be fired this time.  But no, ANOTHER SNOW DAY.  That’s 3 this week.

Thursday January 12th:

Eric and I had discussed what we would do in the unlikely event that we had yet another snow day.  We promised Iris we would take her swimming at the indoor pool down the road.  And we actually followed through with this one.  We spent the morning swimming and the afternoon practicing our questions.

Iris began to get bored answering so Eric and I decided to ask each other yes or no questions to show Iris.  It started off great and then  our questions got a little more pointed.

Eric- “Mumma, do you like sweatpants?”

My eyes narrowed as I answered- “Yes”

Eric-“mumma, do you like watching T.V.?”

Jo- “…..yes”

Eric-“Mumma, do you like brownies?”

Jo- “yessssss.”

Eric- “well Iris, Mumma sounds like some sort of brownie sloth.”


20170112_203621 (2017-01-13T01_42_51.543).jpg
Brownie Sloth Quick Draw


Oh, and in case you are wondering about tomorrow’s fate- we got the call at 6- SNOW DAY NUMBER 4!  Brownie sloth out!




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