Food Friends

*Disclaimer!  I am only a day away from making it to spring break- therefore my brain feels quite fried and writing this post was way harder than it should have been!  So if anything doesn’t make sense, well, then my bad.

Last week, I had the terrific opportunity to go on a field trip with the high school advanced art class and art club, and I was fortunate enough to take five of my 8th grade students.  We went to Frederik Meijer Gardens and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art- and it was an amazing field trip.  On the way, I completed a new addition to our “food friends”….

ice cream manice cream man 1

Sorry for the yucky picture quality, the nice picture I took decided it did not want to be downloaded…. YOU WIN THIS TIME TECHNOLOGY!   Also if you look closely, I went outside of the lines several time, but I do have an excuse- I was drawing on a bus.  I am surprised I finished it at all… good job me!

Here are some pictures from our fabulous field trip:


That horse tried to kill me.  No but seriously, my 8th grade kids were getting quite annoyed about how I excited I got to see all these pieces by different artists.  I was pretty geeked.  We saw an Ai Wei Wei exhibit!  We saw some of di Suvero’s sculptures! We saw pieces by Chihuly!  I almost murdered some beautiful butterflies in the conservatory!  And that was only from Frederik Meijer Gardens!

It was a great trip, I am super happy I was able to attend.



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