Short time

Still busy around here, and it hasn’t even been that long since I shared work last time. Anyhow, between Friday and today I was able to sit down with my progeny and craft some more… let’s call it art.


I asked her explicitly what she’d like me to draw her during her nap and she requested; “Big wolf blow down house.” So I came to the conclusion that she was talking about the three little pigs. A story that I think is about the importance of strong building materials. Not sure how that relates to children but she seems to like it.

After that we got out the watercolors. As per usual she requested that the underdrawing be a duck. Duck is a pretty common theme.


She was still into painting after we finished that one so I just taped on of her drawings to her table and let her fill in the blanks. She ran out of steam pretty fast but I noticed that the water color paint didn’t coat over the crayon lines which let me to our next project.


Once again, duck was the subject requested but I added some October pumpkin spice to it. Her choice of blue with the blue outline sorta overpowered the Duck’s head but the yellow highlights really came out nice. Next time we’ll do this on something that’s not printer paper though. Maybe it will turn out not awful that time.

After all this you’d think she’d be completely done with art but she surprised me one more time. She got the cap off one of my red pens and drafted this beauty.


Truly she knows who all the best fictional characters are. What you don’t see it? I’ll add a little to it so your simple eyes can gleam it.


That’s right your friend and mine Zorak. Girl knows a good talk show band leader.


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