Some different views

This week I’m reviewing a few of the cuts that I’ve made over the past few months. Seeing still images of them doesn’t quite get across the way that they look in person. To try and remedy this I’ve done a few short videos and converted them to GIFs for fast consumption.





While setup, filming and relearning how to make GIFs did eat up a lot of time the tiny Jo and I did make a few more collaborative works. Last week she demanded that I provide her with a drawing of sheep, however, this time the stipulation was “wearing a dress” so that added difficulty.


Here she is, with a lovely parasol too.

Her color choices washed out madame sheep a bit so for our next outing I adjusted our palate a bit.


I’m getting better at copying these ducks and Sarahs. But the requests for them never stop. They never never never stop. It’s almost as if that’s all she can think about.

We did not just focus on ducks this week though. We also have been putting a lot of time into learning how to dress ourselves. The process still takes a lot of time, but to incentivise it I got out some stickers and made a chart. If she did what the chart asked she got to put a sticker over that section.


She also colored it…


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