S.O.S. (send over soup)

Right now I’m not feeling so great. The baby and I have a bad case of lay on the floor and watch children’s educational programing. As such not much movement has been made on the house and art projects. Instead we’ll reflect on the weekend past.

Eat the soup, please do not pour it on the dog or the floor or dad or yourself.

This weekend, deep in the bowels of the Detroit Cobo Hall, was ArTeachcon 2014. The wife was in attendance and I also appeared beside her in most of situations. While there we got all the hot tips on keeping kids cool while they learn.

Unofficial promotional material for ArTeachCon.

A lot of the presentations were not aimed at Non-teachers for some reason, so I spent some of the lectures doing some ‘life drawing.’


There were a lot of cool techniques that I did pick up, and were I to start forcing knowledge on youth I’d have a few lesson plans ready. I guess. However, most of this was overshadowed by the fact that at the exact same time, in the exact same place there was an anime convention, and it was roughly 100 times bigger and had 1000 times more body mass.

These are probably not teachers.

This started to have some sort of bleed over effect into the sketches.


I’d just share a ton of pictures I snapped of people in silly costumes but that isn’t fair to them. If I were feeling more up to it I’d sketch a few of them but so far all I finished was this one. Some kind of Club Suited clown man that was hunched in the corner.


Anyhow we went home and some of us were inspired to try on a costume of their own.


This weeks incoherent toddler drawing request:

“Wolf playing ball with Superman”

Until next week…


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