Lower your expectations

I have a confession to make. I am actually a complicated robot piloted by small Japanese school girls.img_20170131_222054

This is usually the pose we take every morning. Also before combat. Also before brushing teeth and eating. Also before most activities. It makes a laser fire out of my eyes so it’s somewhat practical.

Maybe some of you had your suspicions. Maybe you saw some activities that seemed out of the norm.img_20170131_222113

Maybe once at the home depot you saw me find the perfect cordless drill.

All I ask is that accept this robot into your hearts, much like the people of Tokyo did when I defeated the giant lobster that came out of the ocean. Life is difficult enough as it is, I would like to not be judged for who I am. And again, I am a giant robot with small people living inside me and making me do things.


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