What an eventful week.  I have had to go to work for four whole days.  Life is rough.

Naw, for realzies… I have been quite a busy bee this week.  My new marking period has begun and with it has come tons of planning and preparing.  As a result I don’t have a ton to share.  So I thought I would give you a lil’ sneak peak of my in progress art project.

First of all, last marking period my students studied portraiture and completed a grid drawing self portrait.  With a different medium, I chose to do one of my own.


I loved drawing this.  I have always been fascinated with portraiture.  Capturing the face frozen in expression is such a fun and interesting image to me.  This picture took me a day to finish, and from there I knew I wanted to do more…. but on a much larger scale.  During my parents visit over Christmas, I captured my dear mother and father’s face and their portrait is currently in progress.

I have never done a drawing on this scale before.  It is very exciting and daunting at the same time.  This image is big.  So big that I can’t remember how big it is exactly and honestly I don’t feel like running downstairs and measuring it…. ain’t no body got time for that.

Laundry is included to give you a better idea of the scale…. not because I am lazy at all.

So far I am not even halfway done and I have been working on this since Christmas.  Someday it will get finished.  I will say doing a giant grid drawing is kind of relaxing.  Eric and I set aside at least a half hour of art time every night after Iris goes to sleep.  I think it is interesting that so many of my students panic over grid drawings but to me it is just like following a road map.  Actually, sometimes I consider it cheating.

You can see I have a long way to go.  But now I figure I have piqued your interest.  I know you can’t wait to see more!  Just be patient yo, it’s gonna take me forever.  DON’T RUSH ME!



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