Spring Break

Ahhhh spring break.  A time for relaxation, right?  NO.  WRONG.  Duh.

Normally I am all for a relaxing vacation, but this one has been somewhat stressful.  We planned to take a trip to the Kalamazoo area to visit my parents and of course the day of our car decided it did not want to cooperate.  Some sort of broken carpalatorbrakeoilmajig.  Ya, I know,  you are super impressed that I speak car.

So I cry called many car rental places in our area (which by the way the closest is 45 minutes away) and managed to secure a car rental.  Now to get there before it closed.  They closed at 12, and it was 10:30… luckily my good friend Melinda was so AWESOME to quickly drive us to Mount Pleasant.  On her birthday.  What a gal!  THANKS MELINDA!

We got our rental 10 minutes before they closed and we were off.  We visited Kalamazoo, made a quick trip to Chicago to see the M’s (my brother and his lovely family… all have M names).  We ate some delicious pizza and even got to ride on a lil’ ferris wheel.  Iris wasn’t so sure about how fun it was.  I couldn’t fit.20170326_165137

We got to see some fish in fish jail (as Eric calls it) and then all of a sudden we were home.   But hey, with all that time spent in the car, we did master a few skills…


Anyways, spring break is a time for projects right?  Well, let me show you this guy…


Let’s call him Steve.  Steve is old and ugly (sorry Steve).  After we rearranged our living room, we put our TV on the mantle.  Cool.  Except, now Steve is a focal point.   An ugly, ugly focal point.


The metal box thing-a-majig wasn’t even attached to anything meaning our toddler could have decided to pull on it and crushed her self.   So we ripped his face off.


Removed the tile… which was mega easy because it was basically just set down.


Bought an electrical insert (please don’t break, please don’t break).


Bought and added/thinsetted new tile.


And figured out a frame to add out of cement board that would fit around our new insert.  Oh, yeah in case you are wondering- no it doesn’t fit.  YET.  IT WILL.  WORK WITH ME STEVE.


We have a lot more work to do before it’s done.  We shall keep you posted.  Steve, you are lookin better already.


But I have one last picture for you, actually for our name that doughnut contest winner: Rachael.  Rachael got to choose what food for me to draw, and she gave me the choice of a banana or cheese.  So here he is!  Thanks for the name Rachael!


Oh, and one more thing.  Tell Eric happy birthday tomorrow.  He is one heck of a dude, I hope he has a better birthday than the one where I planned a surprise party and only one person came and then  I dropped his cake on the floor.  My bad.


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