Return of Steve!

Hello internet!  Remember this post?  Well, Steve is somewhat complete!  We have a few more finishing touches, but overall, he is lookin’ quite fine.

So if you remember what he looked like before:


Last week I left off with our new electrical box not fitting.  Well, I worked my magic (hit the cement board with a hammer) and broke a piece off.  The of course the opening was too big and we had to cut another sheet for it to sit on.


Ahh it fits!  So pretty!


I used Iris’s nap time on Eric’s birthday to grout the tile.


The next day we painted the mantle.  And I bought Ardex Feather Finish to layer onto the cement board.


We used danger fan to dry it out.  No mom we don’t let our dog/toddler around when danger fan is going.


And…. ta-da!


You can see we have some trim to add, lines to caulk but overall it looks so much better.  I love ya’ Steve!  Hopefully the Ardex holds up overtime.  Next up I want to add built ins on the side of the fireplace.

Also… WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?  Don’t you know they added Cool Runnings to Netflix!  Feel the rhythm!  Feel the rhyme!



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