Nemo’s House

A few weeks ago we took our little spawn to the aquarium. Ever since she’s been demanding a return to “Nemo’s House” which is both adorable and heart breaking since it’s too far away for a casual visit.
She has a small plush Nemo that she’s been carrying around as well, and as of this morning has been saying repeatedly and sadly “Take Nemo home…”

Well I can’t have this going on, so I’ll be making a little house for Nemo to stay in here.

With a few quick measurements on this box and a very electric box cutter we’re on our way.

Then with a few quick sprays we go from former garbage to future rectangle.


Then I sketched a few rough sea creatures onto the scraps. I was going to just cut them out with scissors but after roughly two seconds I decided that would take forever. I got the electric box cutter back out. It was probably super dangerous but way faster.
IMG_20170802_175011For the windows of the aquarium I cut some transparency paper and used spray adhesive to attach them to the inside of the box. Then I added some layers of blue and red to our sea friends and the back of the aquarium. Tomorrow when they are all dry I’ll add some more details and re-assemble the back.

I’ll report back when it’s completely assembled but for now good night.


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