Robot Moana Birthday

Yesterday our little girl turned two. She’s growing up so faaaaast! Bwaaaah.

Anyways. Iris has been super into robots and Moana so a party theme was born. A robot Moana Luau! Naturally there had to be some robots attending her robot Moana luau so check out some decorations I made for the party.

Welcome to my robot laboratory AKA the basement. Here are where our robots were born. I made them out of cardboard and sprayed the pieces with metallic silver spray paint. Then I got glued them together, burned my hand several times, and swore a lot.

One finished bot resting comfortably in his spot.

One cool bot not in his spot. He will get a party spot tomorrow.

Now for the cake…

Awwwww. My mom and I made it. So proud. I wanted it to look like an island with water. Goal achieved. Everything was homemade except for the sea shells, I got those from amazon.

Also I made her a Moana crown but she will only wear it for a couple of seconds at a time. I guess I will have to wear it. Just call me JOana.

Alright, I must get some rest before my girls little luau.


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