Xen Tangle

This week I managed to go from zero to completed on another paper cut. This is a zentangle design done by my lovely wife. I’m eagerly awaiting her finishing another more complicated design for me to etch out.

Oddly enough, though I did put in a lot of time into this, and I didn’t have a lot of time to begin with, I’m way more proud of my Mega Blox ABC sculpture that I made.
IMG_20170808_094846It’s all about color and arrangement really.

This would be a pretty short post if I left off there though. I didn’t take any in progress photos of this cut so there’s simply not much to talk about/show. Instead let’s take a quick look at some more finds at our local weird discount merchandise store.IMG_20170803_102228

First up is something that I fail to believe is a real product and instead is a prop from Silicon Valley. No one should drink energy drinks, but absolutely no one should drink ones that pander to their audience in their very name.

The Next three items are found on the same shelf in proximity to each other. On their own they are oddities and completely useless and stupid decorations. Together they paint a vivid picture of this amazing stores selection.
IMG_20170804_091356A Very classy decoration for your front door. To it’s left is some sort of droopy tree painted on a washboard? Above the tree is simply the word “FAMILY” so that just makes more questions than it answers. Directly below this gun sign is this gem.
IMG_20170804_091410An amazing Garfield and Pookie “BFF” trivet. This store says to the others, “Give me your useless, your poorly designed, your unsold Bang Theory Muggs, the wretched refuse of your teeming shelves.”
IMG_20170804_091416And this is what we’re left with, to the immediate right of the gun sign is just a huge pile of light up dollar bill signs. I should probably own them all, just cover a full wall in them like a classy Check ‘N Go. That’s what I should aspire for.


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