Can You See?

Or did the eclipse light your eyes on fire? I didn’t post on Friday. Mah bad. I was too busy selling some sweeeet goods at our annual garage sale.

The back to school rush has begun my friends. I spent most of last week in one of my classrooms, and I am STILL not done with it. Baby steps.

I have this window next to my door that I try and cover every year. This year I decided to use tempera paint and go to town on that window. I ended up choosing to paint crayons. This was the first time I painted on glass, and tempera paint was a pain in the you know what to paint on glass with.

Check out them fancy crayons. Unfortunately, it looks like this on the other side.

And that’s the side most people will see. Boo. Oh well, I am just going to accept the imperfections cuz ain’t nobody got time to fix it.

After PD today, we took some family selfies. We are so cool.

And here we are as rootin’ tootin’ cowboys.

Bubbles anyone? Eric looks fab here.

And I will leave you with a trip to the zoo? No wait, it’s just our family posing as seals.

Thanks for reading.


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