A horse in hat

Hello, and once again, it's time to look at crude drawings and child paintings. First up we have a theme requested by the artist. I call it 'Horse in hat' as that is directly what was said to me. No, we're not going to do that exact same thing again this week. Though the little… Continue reading A horse in hat

Painting a day

This week we've been putting the brush to the grindstone or however that saying goes. The tiny person has taken an intense interest in painting and I have taken an intense interest in not upsetting her. As such I wanted this activity to be mutually beneficial so under each of her paintings is one of… Continue reading Painting a day

Picture Overload

Happy Thursday!  Wait, its Thursday right?  For the record, I was convinced it was Monday on Tuesday.  I was walking around going "Monday Monday Monday!" and Eric was like; "uhhh you know its Tuesday right?" Ooops. To begin, Iris's car is still not done.  So don't get super excited.  It is assembled and she has… Continue reading Picture Overload