A green tiger

I’ve spent a majority of my time this past week working on patching a settling crack in our ceiling. Bending over backwards while facing upwards has left me a bit not terribly interested in drawing or making much of anything, but that won’t stop our little painter.

artist rendition

Her frothing demand for Sarah & Duck related content only increases. It is also getting oddly more and more specific. This week it was ” Sarah Duck and bubbles….. Sarah in mouse hat…… and Mamingo.”

duck sarah bubbles and mamingo.gif

I can’t turn down that request. Also it forces me to make original content not copy a google image search result for Sarah & Duck.

From his she pivoted to completely uncharted territory. “Green tiger.” Cool That’s new.


Then she got a lot more vague and requested a drawing of “basement.” So I just drew what I saw from the desk.


I guess she wasn’t satisfied since she sorta rushed that one and immediately after requested Sarah & Duck again.


My heart wasn’t in this one. Just being honest.


She didn’t care. Paint Sarah and Duck forever.


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