And then we miss one

Well, 100 without missing one means we earned a break I guess. Still I've been more busy with general housework than with actual projects so I'll just show a few of the works in progress and the other random bits I have around the desk. I've been working here and there on another paper cut.… Continue reading And then we miss one

Fire gone

And two days later here we are again. Lots going on. Lots. No wait no. The opposite of lots. What I do have to share are a few pieces that I have in progress. I'm working at a lot smaller of a scale this week so I was actually able to design and cut this… Continue reading Fire gone

Melee Monday: Quick Draw- Portrait Style

Happy Monday to all! Eric and I have been gone all weekend arriving home this afternoon.  We. Are. Tired.  Baby girl decided to be an awful sleeper this weekend.  At least she makes up for it by being cute, right? Today's challenge was: quick draw- portrait style.  We began by completing a basic drawing exercise-… Continue reading Melee Monday: Quick Draw- Portrait Style