Color Buddies!

You know when you have a thousand projects that you want to get accomplished by a certain date?  Yeah, that’s what I am going through riiiiiight now.  As of yesterday I crossed something off my to do list- I finished some new classroom friends… I call them:



These puppets are intended to be in some sorta short film about complementary colors but I feel like I can use them for all kinds of entertainment purposes.  Also, while I was making them the (finished) red puppet convinced my toddler to eat her dinner several nights in a row…. very impressive!


I completely failed to take in progress pictures…. my bad…. but here they are!  Aren’t they cute?  Basically I took a bunch of felt scraps and sewed them together.  My students so far have completely loved them, so hey…. thanks color buddies!


Even when I am not using them as puppets they add so much color to my room.  Hooray!  Oh, and my room looks SUPER clean here.  Normally it is a disaster.  I guess my room looks ready for Thanksgiving break.

That’s all for now!



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