Complementary Colors

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! We had quite an interesting Thanksgiving morning preparing the turkey…. well… I will let you see for yourselves:


Yeah that’s my mom and Eric hair drying our turkey. It’s hair was just not voluminous enough. No but for realz, our turkey lurkey wasn’t thawed the whole way and we found out as we were stuffing that bird. I want to set the record straight that my job was to make a pumpkin pie and it turned out fabulous, the turkey was Eric’s job.

Anyways. I made another video. I have been trying to make a video about complementary colors for SO LONG. Nothing has worked. I was quite annoyed and ready to give up and then I made the color buddies and BOOM! An idea!

It took a while to film and edit but I would like to thank Eric for helping me with the voices! Go Eric! Best husband eveeeeer! Wooo! Oh and please excuse my amateur puppeteering skills.



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