And then we miss one

Well, 100 without missing one means we earned a break I guess. Still I’ve been more busy with general housework than with actual projects so I’ll just show a few of the works in progress and the other random bits I have around the desk.

I did a quick sketch of our little girl hugging her toys after her nap.

I’ve been working here and there on another paper cut. This one had the aim of being a more simplistic design (as to take less time). It’s been successful but still takes a bit.


Probably only a little more time and it will be finished.MVIMG_20171205_203511.jpg

Lastly Iris and I made another collaborative painting. A nice Sarah, Duck and Pikachu dance party. Anyhow I know that Jo has more good videos to share soon and hopefully I’ll get my act together and start a few more drawings this week.


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