Guest Bedroom

Hello again!  I feel like I am on a roll, two posts in one day?!?  Crazy!  Welp, back in May Eric started tearing the guest bedroom apart.  Back when it looked like this:


The ceiling was very similar to what it looked like in the office.  That lovely whipped cream texture.

20181228_093442 (1)

Eric spent so much time smoothing out the ceiling and then by the time school got out it was my turn.  I began ripping out the carpet which revealed so much carpet pad stuck to the cement slab.


They.  Used.  So.  Much. Glue.  I ended up using a wiggle cutter/oscillating tool to cut the pad off.  Then my dad and I used this chemical to soak the pad and loosen the glue so we could scrape it off.


Once the pad was off, I primed and painted the floor and then Eric and I tackled the wallpaper “feature wall”.


I have never wallpapered before, luckily Eric has and he happens to be a patient person… so we got it done easy squeezy with minimal swearing.


After we got the trim painted and installed, I (yes thats right, me-Jo) installed the light fixture which is why the chair is under it… I am scared it will fall off the ceiling.  Gravity and I don’t get along.


Then I spray painted a bed frame.


Then I decorated which is my favorite part! So get ready for it… drum roll please….


Ta-da!  Guest bedroom!





Hooray!  So we are now taking reservations!

Thats all for now!


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