Office Space

Hello internet!  Eric and I have been insanely busy working, remodeling, painting, landscaping, and child raising.  Its been a while since we have posted something so I figured I would give y’all a little update.  We finished the office!  Technically we finished it in February, but hey its better to share late than never right?

The office used to look like this:


See that bright blue paint?  Yeah it ran off the wall when we washed them.  So whoever painted the walls last used a mystery paint.  And the ceiling?  Your eyes aren’t playing tricks it is actually textured to look like whipped cream.  Here is a close up:

20181228_093442 (1)

Yum.  And the carpet?  It is cat-food brown and smelled a bit like urine.  Extra fun.  So we had a lot to do.  We mudded the ceiling, ripped up the carpet, chiseled off the carpet pad, filled cement cracks, then primed and painted the floor, ceiling and walls.  Oh, and we repainted the trim and the baseboard heater.  Phew.  Let’s take a look at the finished product, shall we?


Ta-da!  This is my desk.  We got her for 60 bucks from a used store… ain’t she a beaut?  I love how she can hide my mess AND organize all my art supplies at once.


We liked our desk arrangement at our lat house.  We got two filing cabinets and refinished some boards to sit on top of them.  My dad wanted it to look a bit more polished so he went to town making his desk all fancy.  My mom finished it and now we have this pretty desk space.



Whats not shown is the closet which is the same navy blue color as our accent wall.  My dad built shelves in it and Iris’s desk fits perfectly inside.  However it has never looked clean and organized so I have never wanted to photograph it.

Thats all for now!  I will be posting soon to show you the guest bedroom!


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