Looking back before we look forward.


Tonight as an introduction I’d like to share a handful of images with a bit of a theme. I would wager that a majority of my artwork could be described as self portrait illustrations. These types of images litter sketchbooks and note pads. They are a window into how the creator is feeling and obviously how they feel about themselves. Also, they are easy in most every critical sense.

For the most part they are the safest thing for someone to illustrate. The intended audience is generally yourself so there’s no one to offend if it comes out with unflattering exaggerated features. Nor do you need to worry about hearing how it looks good, but just not like who ever you were trying to draw. Additionally you don’t have to strain your creative muscles trying to come up with your own totally unique character.

So let’s take a look at the evolution of roughly 10 years of crude self portraiture.

These are the oldest drawings that I found that I’m willing to share. They are, terrible and embarrassing to look at, but are also full of the groundwork for things to come.

These three images sum up a lot of the college time experience. At least as far as I remember it.

Following college there was the imagery depicting job hunting and the travel required for such.

And here we can see how the progression of joining the workforce and having the joy ground out of you day by day.

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