The Spirit of Thanksgiving


As I reflect upon Thanksgiving, a sweet story comes to mind.  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, to appreciate each  other and the things you have, and to help each other out all in the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Late that day, I found myself trying to persuade my daughter to go to sleep.  She was playing the “no really, I am asleep this  time,  just kidding- HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME I AM YOUR ANGEL” game for way too long.  Eventually, I ended up laying on the bed right next to her crib until she drifted asleep.
Suddenly, I was hungry.  Only one thing could cure my hunger- pie.  Pumpkin pie.  So I sent Eric a text:
J: hungry
E: 😘
😘?    What does that even mean?  Does it mean pie?
Well my friends.  Apparently in Eric’s mind 😘 means no pie.  Later as I discussed this incident he said he was worried the pie would be “too noisy.”  In case you cannot visualize a piece of rowdy pie… I have taken the opportunity to illustrate this mysterious and illusive slice.
You know what?  I betcha he was eating the whole pie as he sent the 😘 .  Figures.
 After his “loud pie” comment- I asked him what he considered to be a quiet pie.   According to Eric, apple pie is the quietest pie.  So, dear reader…. I leave you with a question…. what do you consider to be the most silent of pies?   My (Jo’s) vote is pumpkin.   Eric votes apple.  Comment below and we can settle this once and for all!

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