So… I (Jo) like sugar.  Scratch that.  I love sugar.    I am pretty positive one could assume that I am totally addicted to sugar.  As I get older I think I must have been an elf, or Elf himself.


Even though I love sugar and would totally eat if for every meal, apparently its not “healthy”.  And I have to be a good “role model” to my daughter.  And sugar “makes you hyper”.  And I need to keep my “teeth”.   Sorry, getting carried away with the quotation marks there.  But for realzies… why can’t they come up with some sort of just sugar diet?  Whhhhy?

Every day, from the moment I wake up, I look forward to the moment that I get to cram some sugary treat into my mouth.  I have learned that if I give myself treats before 8 PM then I will eat them all day long, so I save the treats for after 8.  Sometimes I am a good girl and I actually follow those rules.  Poor Eric is supposed to keep me away from the brownies, but I am pretty sneaky.  Hah, I just pictured him holding a broom yelling “GET GET GET” at me to shoo me away from the brownies.  In this marriage, I am a raccoon looking for some yum yums.

Today we baked ourselves a fresh batch.  And I am only allowed to have one brownie.  But if I don’t cut the brownies, then it is one brownie right?  So basically I found the brownie loop-hole!  YES!

Here… let me paint draw you a picture of this moment:


That square thing I am about to eat is obviously a brownie.  Duh.  Also, the shape of Eric’s head is 100% accurate.  It is so round to fit all ‘dem brains in.  Also, check out that Jurassic Park reference.

Guess what I am going to do now?  Oh yeah.  ITS BROWNIE TIME.  And I get to cut a fresh batch…. hooray!  BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!


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