Family Portraits

The dreadful march to Christmas is here. Less than a week out everything I see is things that need to be done before Christmas. Sweep the floors, wash the dog, mop the floors with the dog. But all dog and floor related things aside there is so much gift art to be done.

Wet dog on stick

I’ve been working hard a few more cut paper projects but there is just one or two more really that need to be finished up before Saturday. Luckily aside from that we don’t have anymore holiday shopping to do. This year we really beat the shopping rush.

Rural Michigan holiday rush


In productive parenting news, this week Iris and I have been working on learning our colors. Since I’m slightly colorblind  this is somewhat challenging, but I frequently assure her that this crayon is probably red… and if it is that means that this one is orange. It’s very likely that it not blue, green or purple. That much I am sure. While I question the nature of color and what is like to describe things that are unique to my own personal experience she’s found the joy in crumpling up flashcards and tasting all the crayons.

Yellow is really more of a concept if you think about it

We worked together on a quick drawing of ourselves.  I think that she really got down the scaly green under my eyes. She did forget the stink lines that visibly emanate off of both of us and I’m not sure how you would illustrate that I’d been wearing that shirt for days.


Additionally I finally finished an old sketch I had been working on.img_20161220_193256

This is a quick drawing of Jo and I as monsters.  I was told it’s not very flattering. I disagree. Look at those abs, they almost distract from the lack of upper arms. This will make a fine gift for the in laws. To be hung next to the mantle. You know the place, in the can that goes next to the mantle that trash goes in.

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