What? I can’t hear you! Jo is being too loud!

I (Jo) have a noise level issue.  I am loud.  I am noisily challenged.  And to make matters worse, my condition has spread to those around me.


In all honesty, I can probably blame my lack of loud awareness on my upbringing.  Many times when we needed someone at home, we yelled for them.  It was WAY more convenient then getting up.


I do the same thing with Eric at our house.  Well I TRY to.  He doesn’t seem to understand the yelling concept.  Many times I require his attention and I ask loudly for it, he never answers.  Is he deaf?  So I ask louder.  Eric??  No answer.  ERIC??? Again… no answer. ERRRRRRIIIIIIIIIC.  Then you would figure I would give up by now but hey- if I had a middle name it would be Persistent…. followed by Angel (hello my full name is Jo Persistent Angel Mollhagen-Jaksa-Noseda… nice to meet you.).  So I yell more.  ERIC ERIC ERIC ERIC ERRRRIC.  At this point he hears me and thinks that I must be dying for all the crazy ruckus I have been making.

So, I am used to loud.  No big deal.  5 years ago when we got Phoebe (our loveable corgi) something was very wrong with her.  She didn’t bark.  Well don’t worry because I fixed her.  She barks now!  Hooray!  However now she won’t stop barking…. so my bad.

Before Iris (our wittle booboo baby), we were hoping that she would be a bit more like Eric personality wise.  Quiet, calm, patient.  I the direct opposite.  And I know its early to tell but lil’ miss certainly likes making her presence known.  She is pretty loud.  In fact her code name is screech eagle.

So, our house is pretty loud.  It will remain loud from generation to generation.  Poor Eric.  Oh and if you want to witness the time I trained our dear sweet dog to bark, then check out history in the making.

IT IS SIDEWAYS BECAUSE I WANTED IT THAT WAY.  Duh.   I know how to work a camera….

Anyways, see you loud cats later.   Happy holidays!

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