Dog time

With the holiday in full swing most art has taken a back seat around here. With family around and happily playing with Iris I have had more time for our original daughter.

Alive dog I swear


For her health we went on some walks.

Depicted: walk

For our safety we did not take many.

“Who is short now tree?”

On our walk we picked up the mail and Phoebe loved reading each holiday greeting card, however, in the seasonal rush not everyone remembered sweet little half legged dog.



I have told her that I was sure it was just a slip of the pen. She will get over it I’m sure.

1 thought on “Dog time”

  1. Dearest Phoebe,
    Remember, Teddy brought you 3 bags of treats, a new hoodie, and some jingle bells. Sorry the coat was too tight and the bells drove you nuts, but you were not forgotten


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