Second opinions.

When I start any kind of project I like to have a pretty clear end goal. Whether I’m planning a discussion, writing a paper or building something I want to have a solid outline that I can reference. If something goes wrong or needs tweaking then there is an easy way to look at the whole concept and adjust as necessary.

For some reason when I draw this goes entirely out the window. More often than not when I put pen to paper my mind goes pretty much blank. I cannot visualize what I want to draw, I just drag the mediums against each other and will some abomination into being.img_20170124_205855-2

Ah, yes there’s one now. A happy fox toy drawn from memory. No, wait maybe that’s not how it looked. Let’s try everyone’s favorite teething equine Sophie the Giraffe.img_20170124_205855-3

Yeah that seems about right. Also a hooplegged owl that could crush walnuts with it’s talons. Trust your baby with it.

Or let’s see what I think my own sweet baby girl looks like. img_20170124_205958
Oh… honey Daddy is very sorry.

When it comes to making a comic, I try to dial this in a bit. I almost always start with a practice drawing. And by practice drawing I mean that I draw it for real and then look at it and say, no those pictures are all wrong let’s say this was practice. This usually works pretty well for seeing page layouts ahead of time when my brain refuses to do anything ahead of time.

What this doesn’t prevent is telling a joke that maybe shouldn’t have been told even the first time.



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