Remember when you and your classmates would hand out Valentine’s at school?  Most times you would make your own mailbox and during the party you would give everyone in your class a Valentine.  I remember being so jealous because all my friends got the store bought whatever child’s show/movie was cool then Valentines.   Since my mom was an art teacher, store bought cards were a huge no no.  If you have hands, you are makin’ that card.  IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL AND MORE MEANINGFUL.

I would work so hard on those cards.  As a result, the message kind of stuck.  If I have the time, and the hands, I have to make the card. I was recently attempting to organize the basement and I found these two gems!  Awwww lil’ Eric and Jo’s homemade Valentine’s cards.  The first one, I made for Eric in 2011 (the year we got married y’all!) and the second one was made in 2012.

Hello funky heart on cardboard (to give it texture, duh…. )
“Why Jo loves Eric”
“1. His strange characteristics…”
“2. His handsome looks”
“3. And tons of more reasons like:”

So this is pretty straightforward.  No real need to give a back story here.  Notice how I totally worked bitchin’ into this though, good job me!

Now before I show you Eric’s totally romantic card, I have a back story to tell…. HAH literally a back story (this will be funny in a second calm down).   A year after we got married, Eric had to have surgery on his bum.  Yeah this is not an awkward or embarrassing story to tell at all (sorry Eric).  Basically he had to have a pilonidial cyst removed (Get it?  BACK story…. hah).

I had a day off of work scheduled to take him in, unfortunately at that time I was beginning to feel mega sick.  I drove him to the hospital, we got him checked into his room and then we waited.  While we waited  I was trying to come up with ways to con him out of his bed.  What?  He hadn’t had the surgery yet… You see, I was starting to feel like the only way to feel somewhat better is to lay down.   Eric refused- it was like he was about to have a painful surgery or something.

Later, they took him away- surgeried him, brought him back and I was free to take him home.  My plan was to actually try to take care of him during this time, however, I began to feel sicker and sicker.  The next morning, I came downstairs to cleanup and make breakfast and all I could do is sit there and cry because I was feeling so awful. Meanwhile, Eric- on a pretty good dosage of Vicodin, happily told me to relax as he began cleaning.

Turns out I had an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis.  After I got my meds, I began feeling much better and I was able to actually take care of the poor guy.  Around Valentine’s day, I came home from work and found this:


In case you are wondering, yes that is a card of his butt.  With a bandage on it.  What a man!


More.  In case you can’t read it it says: “Happy Valentines Day- sorry for the shitty time.”  Also take note of his sad, swollen bum.


And I didn’t know this was even here.  I didn’t know he put a scar underneath the bandage.  Such attention to detail!

Sorry for the butt picture but I couldn’t help sharing it.  It is still one of my favorite Eric cards to date.  For realz.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  Since Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, I hope you will take the time to make someone a card, and you can even get inspired by Eric’s design and make a butt card.  It’s a keeper, let me tell ya.

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