We are expanding!

No no no.  Not as in having another baby.  Or wait, I guess we should say we have expanded.  As in, remember this?


Well… it has been bothering me.  I feel like its too tiny.  When something bothers me, it builds until I can no longer ignore it, so on Saturday I picked up my bread knife and went to town on this lil’ guy.


At first, Iris was quite confused about what I was doing to her house.  I eventually got out a new box and began to cut it up and she warmed up to the idea of an addition real quick.


To the point that she wouldn’t even get out of the new box.  I like your enthusiasm, kid!  After I got the new “room” cut and reinforced, I squared it up to the old house and taped/hot glued the crap out of it.


Look!  A box next to another box!


That box got a roof!20170311_13503220170311_200722

As the project progressed I decided that the ultimate cute houses have dormers.  MUST HAVE A DORMER.  I will tell ya, that thing was a pain in the booty to get glued on there.  And it is tilted.  It super bothers me to look at it.  I have the urge to rip it off and try it again, but ain’t nobody got time for that…


I added birdies to the dormer.  And this is where I also burned the crap out of my finger.  Every time I start a new project I can’t find my glue gun, so Eric runs out and buys another one.  Well, normally it is a low temp glue gun- I am way to impatient to handle hot glue… to spare my poor hands a low temp gun is the way to go.  This time, it was a high temp gun and my ring finger paid dearly.  Not even a cookie would cure my pain.  That should tell you how serious of a burn it was.

Interior shot, notice I rearranged the pictures.

This time, instead of smushing myself into a tiny box, I measured the size of the wall, cut extra cardboard to the correct size and pre-wrapped and decorated the walls before gluing them down.  SO MUCH EASIER.  Lemme tell ya’ that’s the route to go.


Ta-da!  Woo!  I did it!  I just want to punch that dormer in the face, other than that I have a few more things to fix up- gotta add that duct tape trim and crown molding.  What?  My kid has high standards.



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