Vision of Confluence

Lots of art today. Not terribly good or especially finished art. But art none the less.


This little bit of original 151 art was deemed unsuitable for the baby’s room.


This was the logo designed for the alternate timeline where Tom and I became detectives instead of finishing our engineering classes. I ultimately think that the outcome would have been the same.

IMG_20170314_202204 (3)
This is my good Friend Pidgey
IMG_20170314_202204 (2).jpg
He’d love to know ‘Do you even lift?’ but I don’t personally care.

IMG_20170314_202204 (4)

And lastly we have a quick sketch of the family. Can you believe it was somewhat socially acceptable to like Pokémon again? I sure can’t and I sure couldn’t believe it 20 years ago either.



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