The weather is changing. A lot. Repeatedly and without warning. As such we’ve been venturing out into the wide world lately.  If you haven’t been there you may be shocked to know it’s full of birds, sticks and dried leaves. I’m aware. They have all explicitly been pointed out to me. IMG_20170411_204220Above is my depiction of one of our more successful outings. Bird was found and communicated with. Below is the my fellow explorers (assisted) depictions of the events. Her details are a bit more colorful.

IMG_20170411_192856 (1)Also, I am fairly confident we didn’t see a pikachu on our walk but, I just draw what I’m told to.

IMG_20170411_192916In addition to being able to explore the neighborhood we can once again obtain provisions from our local shops. This has its own set of things to point to…  lots of things in fact.


IMG_20170411_192931We totally didn’t see any of this at the store but she insisted that we did. I’m not even sure what the far left thing is. Some anthropomorphic rain drop I guess.


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