Bunny Time

Feel the rhythm!  Feel the rhyme!  Get on up!  It’s bobsledding time bunny time!  (Sorry, I have watched a lot of Cool Runnings since Netflix released it…. thanks Netflix!)

This past weekend was family packed full of Easter fun.  We went down to Eastpointe to visit, and it was the first time poor Iris got sick in the car.  Let me tell you, that was a long drive.  I would totally illustrate you a picture to tell that story but ain’t nobody got time for that (your welcome).  Instead, I chose to illustrate something a bit more cute.


And here is another cutesy picture of my baby girl.  She is getting so big!


Don’t look too closely at her bangs.  I had a great idea to cut them before we left and I did not anticipate Iris getting so furious about a haircut.  But that’s ok.  She got bangs!  Her hair is so now.  (If anyone can name what movie that line came from I will draw you a picture of your choice…. ready, go!)



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