This week I've been trying to learn how to ink with brushes. The results have been questionable, but I still thought I would share.   To get to the finished product though I started with a little draft. So what if it's on the outside of an insurance bill. Paper is paper. After that I… Continue reading Brushes

Painting a day

This week we've been putting the brush to the grindstone or however that saying goes. The tiny person has taken an intense interest in painting and I have taken an intense interest in not upsetting her. As such I wanted this activity to be mutually beneficial so under each of her paintings is one of… Continue reading Painting a day

Melee Monday: Quick Draw- Portrait Style

Happy Monday to all! Eric and I have been gone all weekend arriving home this afternoon.  We. Are. Tired.  Baby girl decided to be an awful sleeper this weekend.  At least she makes up for it by being cute, right? Today's challenge was: quick draw- portrait style.  We began by completing a basic drawing exercise-… Continue reading Melee Monday: Quick Draw- Portrait Style