Big Nancy

Remember this post?  Yep.  The one with my mother’s portrait partially completed.  Well guys…. guess what?  ITS ALMOST DONE.  Yeah sorry, you were probably thinking that I had actually finished it.  Nope.  Finding time has been a challenge, but I AM 8 SQUARES AWAY.

Nevertheless, I thought I would share my progress.  I don’t think I ever shared the original photo that I am working from, so here ya go:

What up mom.

And here is my drawing:



Hopefully the way I am showing it shows the scale.  No wonder it is taking me FOREVER, it is almost as big as the door.  I have squares to finish and some blending to do but overall I am happy with the so far result.  And hey, my goal is to finish this by June so I am well on track.  I am very surprised I haven’t ruined it yet.  Yes, keyword is yet.

Watch out dad, your next.


Alright… the cookies are calling to me.


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