I’m Blue


Da ba dee da ba daa.  Oh great, now I have that song in my head.

I made a thing.  A self portrait.  Out of cardboard.  Apparently I love working with cardboard which is convenient because we have a ton lying around- thanks amazon prime!   LOOK MOM I CAN RECYCLE!

I made this as an example for my middle school kiddos to use, which is why I took pictures in steps.  I find breaking a piece down for them into bite sized chunks makes a project less daunting and more manageable.


See?  I’m blue!



This is currently up in our classroom.  I have written a word bubble that says “do work” beside it.  In the background you can see another self portrait of mine.  My kids need to create a self portrait and they get to choose the media so I wanted to include a myriad of examples.

I will admit, I was really trying to write this whole post using most of the lyrics from I’m Blue.  I failed, but do yourself a favor and go listen to that song.  Then I won’t be alone and you will have those stinkin’ lyrics in your head.  Uh oh.  In your head, zombie?  Well, now I have a new song stuck in my head.



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