What is love?

Baby don't hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. Great, now I will have that song in my head for the whole weekend. Don't forget to vote on last week's Melee Monday/Face Off/whatever you want to call it post.  Whoever gets the most votes gets ice cream.  I NEED THAT ICE CREAM.  Currently we are… Continue reading What is love?

On a roll

This week has flown rolled by!  I finally finished Iris's cozy coupe, drew some stuff, started another wedding present and received quite a wonderful early birthday gift!  Those of you who haven't gotten anything for me yet, don't worry. There is still time. Check out my early present! Isn't she pretty?!?  And she came with… Continue reading On a roll

Picture Overload

Happy Thursday!  Wait, its Thursday right?  For the record, I was convinced it was Monday on Tuesday.  I was walking around going "Monday Monday Monday!" and Eric was like; "uhhh you know its Tuesday right?" Ooops. To begin, Iris's car is still not done.  So don't get super excited.  It is assembled and she has… Continue reading Picture Overload