This week marks my dramatic and pointless return to facebook. I’d stopped using it all together about 5 years ago, but how I used it prior to that was questionable to begin with (what with making more and more fake accounts for an ever expanding family of seagulls).
IMG_20170620_204402I found out that I’ll be needing yet more work done on the ruined hellscape that is the inside of my mouth. If I remember correctly the procedure is similar to what is depicted above, but I think that also it happens in slow motion while doves fly around the room. Also our dentist is John Woo. I don’t think he’s licenced but it was covered by our insurance and it’s probably safer than Park Chan-wook.

On the plus side my old phone will limp onward on a new wireless charging dock.
IMG_20170620_204424This just goes to show that I’ll have this thing till the heat death of the universe.

Iris also got a new “Pop Art” coloring book. Why mess with coloring between the lines when the back side of every page is blank. That’s an empty space that demands filling. Below is another collaborative effort.
IMG_20170620_204342Jo said she was saying “Thank you” but I’m positive she said “Draw a Gecko.”

I’ve also forced my way into gracefully lent assistance to Jo’s new project for Iris.
IMG_20170620_204415We stole from the garbage in a nicer neighborhood found a little tykes car and have been repainting it. I nitpicked Jo into submission pointed out some areas that could be smoothed out and have helped to sand and clean up some small scratches I am a total anal retentive butthead about the whole thing. It’ll probably look ok when we’re done.


1 thought on “Gecko”

  1. You take after your Pop when it comes to perfectionism! I am more start off slow, take your time, start to get anxious, rush to finish and hope it turns out half way decent.


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