On the road

Last Tuesday I left you with a picture of this:


While we were visiting in Eastpointe we took a walk and found this cozy coupe in the trash.  We claimed it and decided to give it a makeover.  It’s not done yet, which is so annoying for someone who is as impatient as I am.

We started by taking the car apart, cleaning it, taping it, and then spray painting it.  I loved this design.

So that’s what we used as our base idea.  If you want to know what kind of paint we used, check that site out- they did a great job explaining it!  Here is our cozy coupe progression .




Good thing the pictures don’t pick up too many details.  After I pulled the tape off it mega chipped.  So I had to fix that.  And it looked kinda yucky.  My thought is that she will mess it up anyways playing in it so it’s ok if it’s not perfect


That’s when Eric stepped in and began to sand and repaint.  Sooooo it has been taking a while to finish.  I want to add some details on the front, so cross your fingers it is finished by next week!

I also finished these clown people.


It was a present for father’s day.  No it did not turn out.  I am not a fan.

Today we made our way back to Eastpointe to celebrate our close friends wedding.  Congratulations Husted’s!  We love you!  I will share their present next week.  For now, I leave you with a picture of our journey to Eastpointe.


It is us crammed into the cozy coupe going to the Husted wedding.

Have a good week!


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