Big cutout

With a lot going on this past week I didn’t have much spare time. I decided to pool my available effort into finishing my latest geometric piece.
IMG_20170203_195046According to the date of this image, I had finished the outline of the design in early February. Since working on these takes so long and I only have bits of time to do so I have no idea how much time went completely into this.
About two months later I’d nearly finished cutting the negative space from the image.
And by the end of May it was completely cut out, but needed all of the edges and back to be inked.
IMG_20170318_094348I should have bought these. Everyone I know needs a copy.


Here it is fully inked. After this I had to measure and cut plexiglass and then drill the holes for the hardware.
It takes a lot of patience to slowly increase the size of drill bits in order to not crack or split the glass while you drill.
20170627_210217Now it’s finally all done. I’ve settled on using longer bolts to function as stands for the pieces instead of trying to mount them to the wall or hang them from wire.
Well, now that’s done and I have a lot of leftover plex so I’ll probably be starting another one soon.


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