While doing my best to enjoy the holiday weekend I completely missed my posting day. That’s no good. It’s also no good that I’ve spent a large amount of my time on non-art projects so I don’t have much to show this week.

IMG_20170830_102354Earlier this week the little girl and I made this together. A nice watercolor painting of a duck. Probably a duck. It’s on the water…. and maybe there’s a bee or something. It’s mostly a hypothetical duck.

Part of my non-art output this week was a result of my home improvement related injury last week. I’ve been trying to make our old staircase less squeaky, as right now getting past Iris’s room without waking her up early is a pretty big deal. I’d sunk a few breakaway screws into the boards when one of them snapped extra early and I jammed the drill bit deep into my finger.

Now that the bleeding has stopped I’ve managed to make these steps a lot quieter, but I’m still very pretty wary of the drill.
IMG_20170902_212745This is a picture of the suspect in its natural habitat, the middle of the floor of the hallway. Waiting to strike like a cobra. Not at all just an unplugged power tool improperly stored between uses.


To close it out, this is an old sketch that I am trying to finish. It got a little smashed so I’m going to digitally color it. I started to do so tonight but unfortunately I completely messed up saving the file and have nothing to show for my few hours of work I did. well until next week.


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