Bad Brownie

School has started!  I am tired!  And the only cure is chocolate.

So I guess you could say I am a “lazy” baker.  There are times where I bake from scratch but honestly I have never found a brownie recipe that I like- so I resort to brownie box mix.  On the back of the mix we buy, it gives you different ideas of additional ingredients.  We always add instant coffee to make our brownies more dark chocolatey.

Welp, the last batch sabotaged me.  It was brownie time, and I took a bite when something got stuck in my teeth.  It was a giant clump of instant coffee.  It tasted awful AND I couldn’t get it out.  Any water I rinsed my mouth with basically brewed coffee in my mouth.  It was terrible.  Therefore that batch is not to be trusted.


They may look delicious but looks are deceiving!  Don’t trust them!


Here is bad brownie himself.  Bwah.  I think I have PTBD(post traumatic brownie disorder).  But don’t worry, I shall survive.


Check out these bad boys right here.  They are fresh and I didn’t add any instant coffee this time so I do not fear these guys.  Also, I made them from scratch.  So proud.

Now since that brownie drawing is pretty awful (it’s a good thing I told you it was a brownie or you would have thought it was something else…) I drew a piece of cake.  20170830_195809.jpg

If I had a quote that summed up who I am it would be:

“I brake for cake.”

Now I am off to go eat those brownies.  The whole pan counts as one right?


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