I am now officially a Noseda!  I finally got my name changed, and I was quite excited to get a new license picture.  Here is my old one:


Ouch.  For the record, I was 9 months pregnant.  My license was about to expire and I wanted to get it taken care of before I went into labor.  Apparently being that pregnant makes one of my nostrils bigger.  Also, I have no idea why my face is so red.  I think it was the act of standing up and walking over to the picture station that made me so pink.  I promise you the lady at the secretary of state didn’t hit me a couple of times before this picture was taken.   Fun fact: I was encouraged to lose this license after I got it.

But, I was just proud I that I woke up, got out of bed, put pants on, AND left the house.  It was a pretty busy day as pregnant Jo.  After I changed my name I basically ran to the Secretary of State to get a new license.  Look what came in the mail today!


My neeeeeeeeeew license.  With my neeeeeew name.  And my neeeeeeeeew picture.  Wooooooooo I am basically a model!  And look!  I don’t appear beaten up in this one!  Its a keeper!

Ok, now that I have updated you I will move on to artsy stuff.  In case you don’t know- I teach art K-5 in northern Michigan.  I work in two buildings therefore I have two classrooms.  Over the summer I spent a lot of time in one building and somewhat neglected my other classroom.  This classroom needed some extra decorating and it has been to blah for way too long- which means I got to redecorate!  So of course I didn’t have any early before pictures but I have this one that I took part way through redoing this wall:


Before that big wall had a ton of posters.  Its a wall that you can staple stuff onto and when I was told I would have two classrooms a couple of years ago I just threw some stuff on the walls and called it good.  It has been driving me crazy and then a week into this school year I snapped and had to redecorate.  You can see me adding tissue paper onto those two little bulletin boards.  Then I totally went crazy with the tissue paper.


I thought it would be pretty cool to tissue paper the entire wall and add black lines in between each color.   Here we go, almost done.  I had to fight several spiders on the ceiling as I was redoing the wall.  The things I do for my classroom, amirite?


Check  her out, donezo!


Yes, that is a portrait of me on the wall.  I stippled it last year as an example for 8th grade kiddos.  And now I have it up as a reminder to the kids:  I am always watching.  Muhaha.


Its amazing the effect adding color does.  I am instantly happy when I walk into my classroom now.  It makes me want to create.  Sigh.  I love it.  So I redecorated my other bulletin boards to match.


Here are our rules.  Thanks to Cassie Stephens for the art room rules, they rock!


There is still much more to do.  I am lovin’ these bright colors though.  They make me so happy.  Sigh.

Now lets play a game.  Can you guess what this is going to be?


See ya next week!


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changin’”

  1. You look incredible in the new photo…I am proud to have such a comely lass for a daughter…also your classroom rocks!

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