Painting a day

This week we’ve been putting the brush to the grindstone or however that saying goes. The tiny person has taken an intense interest in painting and I have taken an intense interest in not upsetting her. As such I wanted this activity to be mutually beneficial so under each of her paintings is one of my drawings. Instant collaborative art.


To keep everything exciting for her I decided that all the drawings should be based on things that she is interested in. Since I never hear the end of how much she’d rather be watching Sarah & Duck than doing basically any other activity that’s where we started. Though maybe my rendition is closer to a dollar store knockoff of the original.


Her next picture was based on request. Her request was as usual robot, I think I delivered as disappointingly as is expected.


By wednesday she was really getting into this. When it came time for her to tell me what to draw she just endlessly chanted painting. So that’s what I drew.


On Thursday we returned to a weekend favorite, shouting the chorus of old McDonnald had a farm and then mumbling all the other words. I thought that capturing this memory from Lake Michigan would do nicely.


And that brings us to today. This mornings obsession was O’s. There’s a lot of drama between the box of cheerios and Phoebe. It’s a real will they or won’t they scenario. She will eat the whole box of O’s though so… maybe not as high drama as, I don’t know. X-files.


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