Guys!  I did it!  I finally tackled my chalkboard in one of my rooms!  My room looks soooooo much better.

Remember this post?  Long story short my OCD kicked in and I was forced to make my room prettier.  After I made my walls all fancy and colorful my eye went straight to the big empty chalkboard.  I have always wanted to make some sort of mural on it and last week I began my quest!

Below are pictures of my progress throughout this project.  I used chalk pastels which looked great against the dark green chalkboard.




I took this picture because it was the first time in a week that I didn’t leave my classroom with my face covered in dust.


And she is done.  I love looking at this from different angles.  Cross your fingers that my students keep their fingers off of it!


So much better.  Now onto the yellow bulletin board above the chalkboard…… uh oh…. OCD is kicking in again….

If you have any questions about how I made this, comment and I shall do my best to answer you!


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