Sick Kicks

I feel like we have done so much over the course of a week.  Is it nap time?   And its only Monday!  We are gonna need more chocolate!

Anyway, I started last week with the idea to give my old favorite tenni’s a makeover.


I loved these shoes so much.  Sigh.  But pink with navy blue hasn’t exactly been a big theme in my wardrobe so I thought maybe I would turn them into my casual Friday work shoes.  Our school colors are blue and white, so I decided to make them blue and silver (totally makes sense, duh).

I began by throwing them in the washer and then after they dried I scrubbed them like crazy.  Then I began painting with acrylic paint.  Let it be know- I had no intentions of this working.  I figured I would try something and then can be my gardening shoes if it doesn’t work out.  So I painted away and they turned out like this:

Sick kicks.

Last Friday was our homecoming and I was pretty nervous to wear these because I had no idea if they would hold up or not.  Surprisingly they haven’t chipped (yet) and the paint seems content in one place.  Success?

……Now picture me doing the moonwalk away in my sick kicks…….

In other news, a heat wave has struck Michigan and of course our power went out last Thursday.   Or as Iris likes to say “power took nap”.  Iris needs a lot of gadgets to convince her and it was mega hot in her room so we went downstairs to sleep.  We had to light candles which angered Iris.  Candles apparently are ONLY for birthdays.  If you light one you HAVE to blow it out.  Rules of candles.  We must obey.  While I was trying to distract Iris from our numerous lit candles I caught a glimpse of this sweet shadow coming from our chandelier.

Cooool!  I was pretty amused.  Iris was not.

Stay cool my friends,


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