A horse in hat

Hello, and once again, it’s time to look at crude drawings and child paintings. First up we have a theme requested by the artist. I call it ‘Horse in hat’ as that is directly what was said to me.


No, we’re not going to do that exact same thing again this week. Though the little larva did excrete a few more paintings this week. I intended to have another cut paper piece finished but just ran out of time.

It looks so close but really there’s like 5 more hours of work needed.

We also went to the library for ‘Story time’ this week, but that’s not exactly what happened. A more correct way of referring to the library should be “the place where the toy trains live” since that’s the only thing she really cares about when we’re in there. And who can blame her, why bother reading any books when they have built a giant replica of Thomas the tank engine in between the picture books and the tiny wooden train set.

Pictured: Someone not reading.

Anyhow once storytime officially started with the librarian, I was told in no uncertain terms that my Tiny Engineer would not be joining the others on mat to listen.

“…yes I agree my dark lord, it is train time.”

Nevertheless when we returned home I was tasked with reading all of our usual stories again regardless.

And now for a slideshow of the things that she made while I walked the tightrope of letting her paint without letting her make an enormous mess (or eating said paint).

With luck I’ll make it to next week. If I don’t it’s because I finally decided to crack open this in the wrapper Ice Age pez dispenser that I found under our furnace and got whatever form of candy related botulism you would expect from doing so.

This is a very real problem.


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