Ready, set, ACCESSORIZE!

What do you do when you are bored?  I have this bad habit of updating my shopping list with many things that we don’t really need.  For example; I woke up early the other day.  I grabbed my phone and for some reason I had to check how much it would cost to fly out to Universal Studios.  Which meant I basically planned a four day vacation for Eric and I that we don’t really need… don’t worry I didn’t pay for it BUT I now know how much it costs.  Knowledge is power?

Today during nap time I immediately realized that I didn’t have the perfect bow for Iris’s Christmas outfit so I would have to order a few off of etsy.  Then I thought about how long it would take to actually get these things and ain’t nobody got time to wait (millennial problems).  So I made some.  AND IT IS SO EASY!  Look!


It looks like a bow!  Right?  Yes it is a little bit plainish but I really am not the type to roll my daughter in fluffy frills…. so the fact that she is wearing a bow is pretty good for me!20171216_151306

Boom!  Another one done!  Wanna know the secret to bow making?  Welp my padowan, you will need some felt, hot glue, and a mind for molding.20171216_151314.jpg

Take the rectangle and fold it in half, and then the two other sides in half.


20171216_151414Then play it like it is an accordion.  Just kidding.  On one side, glue the folds with hot glue.20171216_151501

Trim another rectangular piece that is about the same height as your original rectangle, hot glue the end to one side, wrap it around until you run out and hot glue the end.  Then hot glue it to a lil’ clippy and ta-da!  BOWS!


And here I am modeling my creations.  WATCH OUT TYRA.  I will be top model soon.


Look at dem fierce eyes.  I would model these on my toddler but I can’t seem to catch her so… I will do for now.

In other news!  Our etsy site has one listing!  Wow!  Check it out!  Mom if you are reading this all you have to do is click on the blue words that say “Check it out!” before this sentence.




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