I have been secretly making Eric’s Christmas present for quite a while and I can FINALLY share it with you guys!

As artsy fartsy people, we tend to make each other presents. Eric actually gave me the idea for this one. During one dinner he was using one of the puppets to convince Iris to eat her peas. He jokingly mentioned that I should make a puppet of him. Boom! Inspiration!

So I ran to my computer to come up with a design. Check it out:

So I ordered some more felt and set to work! Since I was doing this in secret, it took quite a while.

One done, one to go!

Ta da!

Story time: Iris was hanging around while I finished sewing puppet Eric so I naturally began talking as “dada” puppet. We sang our ABCs and then I wrapped them up. Iris asked to sing ABCs again so I started and she got very frustrated and began demanding she sing with “dada”. Oh, she wanted to sing with puppet Eric, how cute.

We opened our presents early because we may have gotten too excited to wait. So I caught Eric’s reaction and his first puppet show!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


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